Exchange Candle


Jar Size 16oz

DYE and Phthalate Free- Exchange Candle candles do not use any dyes in the production of their candles. The color of the was is all natural. The only color you will see on our candles are on the labels. 

Soy Based Wax- Exchange Candle candles us a 100% soy wax blended with soy-based additives. This wax is both FDA-approved and Kosher-certified. The was has a higher melt point which enables it to retain a high fragrance oil load to give you a stronger scent. 

Burn Time 45-55 hrs- Burn time will vary from candle to candle and in different room conditions. 

Missouri Made- Exchange Candle candles are made in Macon, Missouri

Jar Exchange Discount- Exchange Candle is environmental friendly. We offer a $3 discount off your next Exchange Candle purchase when you return a used Exchange Candle jar so that it can be recycled.