Gunslinger Soap for Men

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The Gunslinger Activated Charcoal Soap

Calm. Cool. Fearless.

Woodsy and earthy with a subtle hint of tobacco, this was the first men's soap to become an official product. It conjures up pictures of long coats and leather boots, an unlit cigar hanging from the mouth and a pistol on the hip. It's just the right kind of spicy, but we wanted to make it even better. For that reason, The Gunslinger now contains Activated Charcoal, which has multiple skin benefits and is one of nature's best deodorizers!

The Gunslinger says masculine all the way.


Perfect for a night with the dame or poker with the boys.

A blend of mahogany and herb, this soap has a very clean scent. I picture a man of sophistication wearing it with his woman on his arm. A very fresh, laid back aroma, Capone is a quick favorite of anyone that smells it, and it is typically our best seller.


You're going to be like a little Fonzie. What's Fonzie like? Cool.

An intoxicating scent, cologne-inspired. Jules has a sharp, stylish fragrance that summons visions of well-fitted suits and sophisticated gentlemen. Compare it to your favorite high-dollar cologne. This one fights with our Capone bar to be the top seller at every show that we attend.

Fight Scrub Activated Charcoal Soap

It's what Tyler would have made for his guys.

The first rule of this soap is that YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS SOAP.

Mild citrus and pine with a touch of vanilla, this scent has been compared to a clean root beer smell. The clean, spicy scent of the bar make it a personal favorite of mine after any event that works up a sweat, whether it's a day of hard work or pushing myself at the gym. When used the strong smell mellows out in just right places, leaving an incredibly irresistible fragrance. This is my go-to after jiu-jitsu class. And now, to make it even more powerful, we've addedActivated Charcoal, which has multiple skin benefits and is one of nature's best deodorizers!


A warrior is worthless unless he rises above the others and stands strong in the storm.

A complex scent of sandalwood, cedar, and amber topped off with an amazing vanilla. We've heard compliments and comparisons ranging from almond and cinnamon to chocolate, and even "the inside of an expensive leather briefcase," - or like the heavy leather armor traditionally worn by the samurai, who fought their way up the ranks to lead their men and earn the title of Shogun. Wear it with honor.

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