Hotline Hair Ties


Hair Ties have been the same for YEARS, and don't you think it's time they were updated to not only be better for your hair, but to also be comfortable and stylish? Hotlines are all that & more! They're super strong and will hold together the messiestof messy buns. Because of the coil design, they grip hair firmly without pulling, tearing, or creasing your hair. They also look great on your wrist as a fun bracelet or when you might want to put your hair up later.

Michele - "I have been using the hotlines hair coil for a year now and absolutelylove it. If I misplace it I just won't put my hair up. They will keep even my short hair tied back and will not leave a crease when I take it out. I have used others, but they don't compare to Hotlines. These will not stretch out. I'm so excited to be able to offer them in our store. By the way, since we now sell them, I now have an excuse to put my hair up everyday."

Original Size is great for many styles and looks, while theskinnies are the most versatile and great for thin hair (wraps many times) and messy buns.

  • Black Diamond Metallic Set - 3 hair ties (black, clear, pewter)
  • Summer Prep Matte Set - 3 hair ties (pink matte, pale blue matte, navy matte)
  • Bridal Metallic Set - 3 hair ties (opal, silver, gold)
  • Tailgate Set - 3 hair ties (red gel, black metallic, opal)
  • Homecoming Set- 3 hair ties (maroon matte x 2, opal)
  • School SpiritSet - 3 hair ties (royal blue x 2, opal)
  • Bonfire Set - 3 hair ties (orange metallic, black matte, gray metallic)
  • Go TeamSet - 3 hair ties (forest matte x 2, gold metallic)
  • Crystal Clear Set - 3 hair ties (clear x 3)
  • United Set - 3 hair ties (This set changes from red to blue.)
  • Red Velvet Matte Set - 3 hair ties (maroon, dusty blush, gray)
  • Gem Stones Set -3 hair ties (emerald, sapphire, amethyst)
  • Cotton Candy Set - 3 hair ties (This set changes from pink to teal.)
  • All Black Matte Set -3 hair ties (matte black x 3)
  • Galaxy XL Set - 3 hair ties (black x 2, light purple)
  • Cupcake XL Set - 3 hair ties (maroon, light pink, nude)
  • Ombre Skinny Set - 5 hair ties (black, brown, pewter, gold, white)
  • Paradise Matte Skinny Set - 5 hair ties (light pink, hot pink, coral, purple, blue)
  • Candyland Skinny Set - 5 hair ties (pink, light pink, gold, blue, dark blue)
  • Lagoon Glitter Mini Set - 3 hair ties (glitter teal, glitter blue, glitter dark blue)

*USA Company based in DFW, Texas.