Kali - Thermadenim Judy Blue Jeans

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This brand new fabric is my absolute favorite type of denim. It is designed to keep you warm. So if you are somebody like me who is always cold and you don't like having to layer leggings under your jeans when you are out, you will defiantly want a pair of these. Think how happy you will be watching outdoor sports in your warm Judy Blue jeans. 
  • Thermadenim - The brushed fibers in the fabric trap warm air for insulation and helps keep you warm during the colder seasons!
  • 4-Way stretch which allows for more dynamic movement and comfort when worn.
  • Dark Wash
  • 5 Pocket design
  • 58% Cotton/29% Polyester/(23% Volcanic Fiber)/10% Acrylic/3% Spandex
  • Rise 9.25" Inseam 28.5"