Creating the Perfect Fall Transition Wardrobe

My fall wardrobe makes my summer wardrobe look pathetic.  My cozy sweaters will always beat out those non-practical tank tops that require strapless bras.  My jeans never fail to flatter my booty and will never ride up like uncomfortable shorts.  At the risk of sounding basic… fall is better than summer.  The anticipation of fall is always prolonged by those dreaded months, September and October.  Nothing is worse than a crisp fall morning being ruined by a hot afternoon.  So, while we dredge through the next few months I decided to inspire you and fill your fall weather void by bringing you 4 ways to get through the summer during this fall transition period.  


Summer dresses

This is arguably the best part of summer.  Sundresses are the easiest kind of outfit and require little thought.  In order to use them as a perfect transition outfit, all you really need is to throw a sweater on over it.  If you prefer a more fitted look you can always add sweaters under your dresses.

Tees and tanks

Do not put away these summer staples yet.  Nothing says fall like jeans, a tank and cardigan or shorts and cardigan for those warmer days. 

Shorts and skirts

Shorts and sweaters?  Yes.  You will get your use out of these items by pairing them with sweaters.  Just a tip, a front tuck helps to create a waist and give your body the correct proportion when wearing shorts with baggier tops.


The true key to making any fall transition outfit work is layers.  Then, when it is hot in the afternoon you rip off a layer or two and you’re good to go.

Experiment with the different seasonal wear combine sandals with sweaters and booties with short sleeves and I promise you will make it through the next few months.  So grab a pumpkin spice latte and sit in the denial with me while we wear our sweaters and pretend that the leaves are falling.

Until Next Time, Morgan

September 29, 2020 — Laura Harvey