How To Style A Blazer 4 Ways

How To Style A Blazer 4 Ways

Blazers are my current obsession and they should be yours too.  Trending blazers have a unique twist on the classic business attire.  The patterns are bolder and the lengths are longer.  I personally love the new versatility that comes with the new shape of blazers and pair them with everything.  Blazers are perfect for the working woman, mom on the go, or busy college student.  They are classic, yet make a huge statement in an effortless way.  

A blazer is the perfect way to express your mood through your style no matter how you wake up feeling.  Need something for a girls night out?  A blazer has got you covered.  Feeling a little edgy?  Look no further.  Sick of leggings and sweatshirts and want an elevated casual look?  Sneakers and blazers are the perfect combo.  Needing something for the office, but don’t want to look stiff? A blazer will ensure that you’re the most stylish girl in the office.

Unsure of how to pull together all of these looks?  I’ve got you.  Here are the 4 different ways that I style my blazer: dressy, edgy, casual, and work appropriate.

1. Jeans, heels, dressy top

This is the perfect outfit for date night, girl’s night, brunch, you name it.

2. Biker shorts, combat boots, high neck bra

This is my favorite way to style a blazer.  Biker shorts are another of my favorite trends right now.  This look is so edgy.  The biker shorts could easily be swapped out for legging or joggers if that is more your speed.

3. Boyfriend jeans, sneakers

This outfit is the ultimate cool girl outfit.  Not only are you comfy and sporty, but you are so put together.

4. Work 

The more obvious outfit choice.  Not only can the blazer be edgy, dressy, and casual, but it is also functional for the office as well.

A good neutral blazer is a no brainer investment.  

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December 14, 2020 — Moonshine and Lace Boutique
Holiday 2020 Gift Guide For Her (Teen)

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide For Her (Teen)

Teen Gift Guide 👇
These make great gifts, stocking stuffers and grab bag items.
1. Cozy Jacket $46.50
2. Stainless Steel Straws $15
3. Nail Polish Holder $6
4. The Best Smelling Hand Sanitizer $6
5. Morse Code Bracelets $10
6. Cosmetic Bag $5
7. Coil Hair Ties $10
8. Cozy Blankets $35-$45
9. Personal Alarm $25
10. Judy Blue Jeans $48-$52
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December 14, 2020 — Moonshine and Lace Boutique
Holiday 2020 Gift Guide For Her

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide For Her

Don’t forget about the Ladies! 💋
These make great gifts, stocking stuffers and grab bag items.
1. Studded Clutch $25
2. Personal Alarm $25
3. Cozy Blankets $35-$45
4. Exchange Candles $24
5. The Best Smelling Hand Sanitizer $6
6. Holiday Socks $6
7. Judy Blue Jeans $48-$52
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December 14, 2020 — Moonshine and Lace Boutique
Holiday 2020 Gift Guide For Him

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide For Him

Still looking for the perfect gift to get the man in your life?
These make great gifts, stocking stuffers and grab bag items.
1. Duke Cannon Handsome Man Travel Kit
2. Adventure Enamel Mug
3. Card Bottle Opener
4. Wood Drinking Dice Set
5. Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Oil
6. Duke Cannon Lip Balm
7. Wool Bottle Opener Baseball Cap
8. Ballsy Sack Pack (Ball Wash, Sack Spray, Nut Rub)
9. Duke Cannon Soap
10. Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair
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10 Outfits To Wear To Thanksgiving No Matter What Your Size

What To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving. It’s arguably one of the best holidays. Not only is it full of the best kind of food, but the feelings surrounding Thanksgiving are warm, cozy, and nostalgic, and who doesn’t like that?

Thanksgiving isn’t your everyday dinner. When it comes to Thanksgiving people manifest feelings of Thanksgiving into their planning. So, whatever your Thanksgiving looks like, we’ve got your outfit choices covered. Whether your family keeps it casual or you guys celebrate in your finest attire we have all of the options to ensure that you’re ready to eat in style.

When I think about Thanksgiving outfits I don’t think about rules or styles, but rather about the colors, feelings, and coziness, and of course, comfort. We have styled 10 different Thanksgiving outfits to help inspire you to look and feel your best.

For those of you who dress your best we’ve got you covered with this gorgeous dress and skirt that gives us all the fall vibes and keeps us comfortable.

Oversized. Oversized. Oversized. I feel like this should be your keyword when choosing your Thanksgiving outfit because who doesn’t want to feel like they're wearing a blanket when they are eating their favorite food. An oversized sweater or poncho are my personal favorites.

Jeans and a dressy top or sweater will ensure that you’re ready for family photos that will inevitably happen after every Thanksgiving meal.

My family is the crazy family that runs the turkey trot on Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving is casual so leggings and a vest or comfy sweatshirt are my go to!

We hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving and feel like the best version of yourself while doing it.

Until next time,
Morgan (and guest star Laura)

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Creating the Perfect Fall Transition Wardrobe

Creating the Perfect Fall Transition Wardrobe

My fall wardrobe makes my summer wardrobe look pathetic.  My cozy sweaters will always beat out those non-practical tank tops that require strapless bras.  My jeans never fail to flatter my booty and will never ride up like uncomfortable shorts.  At the risk of sounding basic… fall is better than summer.  The anticipation of fall is always prolonged by those dreaded months, September and October.  Nothing is worse than a crisp fall morning being ruined by a hot afternoon.  So, while we dredge through the next few months I decided to inspire you and fill your fall weather void by bringing you 4 ways to get through the summer during this fall transition period.  


Summer dresses

This is arguably the best part of summer.  Sundresses are the easiest kind of outfit and require little thought.  In order to use them as a perfect transition outfit, all you really need is to throw a sweater on over it.  If you prefer a more fitted look you can always add sweaters under your dresses.

Tees and tanks

Do not put away these summer staples yet.  Nothing says fall like jeans, a tank and cardigan or shorts and cardigan for those warmer days. 

Shorts and skirts

Shorts and sweaters?  Yes.  You will get your use out of these items by pairing them with sweaters.  Just a tip, a front tuck helps to create a waist and give your body the correct proportion when wearing shorts with baggier tops.


The true key to making any fall transition outfit work is layers.  Then, when it is hot in the afternoon you rip off a layer or two and you’re good to go.

Experiment with the different seasonal wear combine sandals with sweaters and booties with short sleeves and I promise you will make it through the next few months.  So grab a pumpkin spice latte and sit in the denial with me while we wear our sweaters and pretend that the leaves are falling.

Until Next Time, Morgan

September 29, 2020 — Laura Harvey
Four Seasons, One White Denim Jacket

Four Seasons, One White Denim Jacket

Calling all fashion rule followers.  This is for you. This is for the girls who don’t mix brown and black, who avoid horizontal stripes, who don’t like to mix prints, and especially those who don’t wear white after Labor Day.  For my fashion rebels, sit back, enjoy and revel in the fact that you are ahead of your time.

So what big taboo am I showing you today?  Three words:  white denim jacket.  I am here to prove to you that your white denim jacket can be just as versatile as your classic and beloved blue denim jacket.  I am bringing you a baker’s dozen ways to wear a denim jacket throughout the year.  


Let’s start with Spring.

 White denim jacket and spring dress



Summer is a pretty easy one.


 Jean shorts, graphic tank, and a classic white
denim jacket.  Add your favorite sneakers or sandals
and you have a perfect summer outfit.
White denim goes with every color.  Pair your favorite colored
shorts, tank, and white denim jacket and add some
wedges for a dressier summer look.
A white denim jacket looks great with denim, no matter
what the color or wash.  Switch out jean shorts for a denim
skirt and throw on a pair of sandals.

Now here’s where it begins to get tricky.  As Labor Day passes you need to look at your white denim jacket with fresh eyes.  Cue, fall.

What is more flattering than an all-black outfit?  Nothing. 
This look is so slimming.  Plus, it makes you feel powerful. 
White denim is the perfect contrast to an all-black outfit.
Again, mixing neutrals is such an effortless and clean look.
This outfit has grey, brown, and white and it looks so chic.
Because who doesn’t love casual and comfy outfits? 
These green joggers could be swapped out for any color,
even black.  The white denim jacket takes it to the next level.

White in winter?  Absolutely.

Oversized sweater, leggings, boots... need I say more? 
The pale pink sweater is beautiful next to the
white denim but also gives you cozy winter feelings.
White denim jackets also looks great over a more fitted sweater. 
This sweater hits right at the waist and compliments the waist
of the denim jacket to give it a very flattering look.  Add boots
and booties and you’re ready.

Is there anything better than a turtle neck in the winter? 
This turtle neck and black booties make for an
edgy look when paired with the white denim jacket.

Bonus:  Work attire

Let’s be honest, the only way that a piece is truly versatile 
is when it can be worn to the office too.  This denim
jacket looks great with black dress pants and a pop
of color underneath.

So, have I convinced you to break the rules yet?  Adding a white denim jacket to your wardrobe will not only elevate your wardrobe, but it is a piece that will stay at the front of your closet all year round.

Until Next Time, Morgan


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