How To Style A Blazer 4 Ways

Blazers are my current obsession and they should be yours too.  Trending blazers have a unique twist on the classic business attire.  The patterns are bolder and the lengths are longer.  I personally love the new versatility that comes with the new shape of blazers and pair them with everything.  Blazers are perfect for the working woman, mom on the go, or busy college student.  They are classic, yet make a huge statement in an effortless way.  

A blazer is the perfect way to express your mood through your style no matter how you wake up feeling.  Need something for a girls night out?  A blazer has got you covered.  Feeling a little edgy?  Look no further.  Sick of leggings and sweatshirts and want an elevated casual look?  Sneakers and blazers are the perfect combo.  Needing something for the office, but don’t want to look stiff? A blazer will ensure that you’re the most stylish girl in the office.

Unsure of how to pull together all of these looks?  I’ve got you.  Here are the 4 different ways that I style my blazer: dressy, edgy, casual, and work appropriate.

1. Jeans, heels, dressy top

This is the perfect outfit for date night, girl’s night, brunch, you name it.

2. Biker shorts, combat boots, high neck bra

This is my favorite way to style a blazer.  Biker shorts are another of my favorite trends right now.  This look is so edgy.  The biker shorts could easily be swapped out for legging or joggers if that is more your speed.

3. Boyfriend jeans, sneakers

This outfit is the ultimate cool girl outfit.  Not only are you comfy and sporty, but you are so put together.

4. Work 

The more obvious outfit choice.  Not only can the blazer be edgy, dressy, and casual, but it is also functional for the office as well.

A good neutral blazer is a no brainer investment.  

Until next time, 


December 14, 2020 — Moonshine and Lace Boutique