Mason Jar Shaped Car Scent


A Mason Jar shaped Car Smellie.

Just for the car or truck? Heck no! The uses for our car smellies are endless!!! Hang them in the basement, closet, by the litter box, or put them in your knitting/crochet bag, diaper bag or in a dresser drawer. Any place you need a good smell... that's where you need a Car Smellie!

Our car smellies are made with a plastic bead that is made for this application. They don't melt, however, in the heat of summer and in direct sunlight- they may stretch. *Color may vary slightly.

BATH HOUSE - What does a cowgirl need after a long day? The bath house! The alluring smell of Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Freesia and Juicy Berries will relax your body in a hot bath and take your worries away. 

BUTT NAKED - NO, not that smell. :) A Caribbean tropical smell, that will make you want to hit the beach! 

BIG SKY COUNTRY - A walk in the Aspen woods does a body good, this scent is just as good! This fresh, earthy, woodsy scent with a hint of patchouli and amber is amazing!

COUNTRY BOY CRUISE - Even a country boy needs a vacation! Let's take a tropical cruise! A tropical blend of coconut, pineapple, lemon and melon will surely melt away all the troubles of farm life.

COUNTRY ROADS - Take relaxing trip down a country road with the scent of lavender/Vanilla. 

COWBOY -We fondly called this "George in a jar"..... I'm tellin ya.... I think it smells like George Strait.:) 

CREME BRULEE - A little city fold coffee - a rich creamy French Coffee blend. 

CROCODILE TEARS - Why the crocodile tears you ask? Calvin the Crocodile is throwing a fit wanting more car smellies!! He LOVES the juicy, sumptuous blackberries blended with heliotrope, carmel, vanilla, amber and musk. Don't let the name fool you!

DIRTY SOCKS -Ewwww!!! No not that smell! This smells MUCH better! A Hawaiian Tropical smell. 

DONKEY DROOL - That darn donkey got out again and he's been eating berries, woods, spices, fruits and flowers! They must of been good because now he's drooling for moor!!!

DRUNK SKUNK - I don't know that there is anything worse than a drunk skunk. Looks like he's bee at the saloon drinking Strawberry margaritas and playing cards again. 


FRUIT LOOPS -Yep, you guessed it! It smells just like the cereal we all loved as a kid! It really does! :)

FUN IN THE SUN -Kiwi, guava, mango, orange, grapefruit and sea salt can only mean one thing...FUN IN THE SUN! Fresh, fruity and tropical will take your mind on a vacation. 

LAUNDRY DAY - Well, it's laundry day again today...and every day! The smell of your favorite fabric softener will fill the room and your vehicle with a clean familiar scent of an "April Fresh" smell!

LAVENDAR - Smells like a lavender bouquet. 

LEATHER -Straight up weathered leather, like walking into a leather store or your favorite saddle shop! 

LEMON DROP -Smells just like old fashion lemon drop candy! I swear you can smell the sugar on the candy. 

LINE DRIED LINEN -Smells like freshly washed linen that has been hung outside on the line to dry in the warm spring sunshine.

MACINTOSH APPLE - Smells just like a fresh picked Macintosh apple. 

MIDNIGHT SALON - Take a step back to 1880 and enter the saloon.. the smell of weathered leather, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. AHHmazing! Smells wonderful! Ready to hang in your vehicle.

MONKEY FARTS -Nope, not what you were thinking! Strange name, but it's truly a conversation piece. :) A bowl of mixed fruits and of course.... bananas! Fruity and delicious..... even the monkeys like it. 

ODER-B-GONE -Citrus notes of lemon and orange are blended to mask bad odors and smoke. 

OPEN RANGE - The smell of the open range will invigorate you! Oranges, juicy cranberries and mandarins will wake your senses and put a smile on your face. 

SERENITY - Melons, oranges and apple blossoms will teak your mind to a serene place where quiet meets beauty. 

SKINNY DIPPIN' - Time to get away from it all and take a dip in the lake your your birthday suit!! The smell of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sun-kissed coconut and fresh air will surely take your breath away. 

SPRING BOUQUET -A lush field of daffodil flowers blooming in the bright along with many other spring flowers. Pure spring sunshine. 

SUNDAY BLESSINGS - Count your blessings every day!! Sweet peaches and nectarines, pineapple and oranges blended with enchanting honeysuckle, rose and jasmine. 

TOE JAM -Hand-picked, sun ripened strawberries, blueberries and raspberries squishing between your toes makes the toe jam smell "berry good"!

VANILLA MAPLE PECAN - A YUMMY pecan bouquet with a syrupy sweet background of maple, cinnamon and clove. 

VANILLA SUEDE - This earthy blend of vanilla and leather will let you know he's a cowboy, but he also likes the finer things in life. 

WATERMELON - Yep, smells just like the real thing! The smell that takes you straight to the summertime, just add salt.

WILD FLOWERS -A fun citrus scent with fine notes of herbs, flowers and fruit. A lovely summer scent!


APPLE CIDER -The smell of Apple Cider! YUMMM! Ready to hang from the mirror in your vehicle. Colors may vary.

CHRISTMAS CAROL -The smell of a Christmas Carol (smells like Wassil)! Ready to hang from the mirror in your vehicle. Colors may vary.

REINDEER DUST -Everyone knows that reindeers leave a trail of sparkly dust when they fly... ;) Vanilla infused Cinnamon Stick creates a warm holiday smell...and lets Rudolph know you are ready to watch for him. (Red in color.)

PETE'S PUNKIN SURPRISE-Boy, Pete whipped up a great tastin' surprise! A rich pumpkin flavor blended with fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, creamy caramel, maple, toasted vanilla and buttery crust. Rich pumpkin flavor blended with fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, creamy caramel, maple, toasted vanilla and buttery crust.

JINGLE BELLS - A blend of oranges, apples, and holly berries with a hit of cinnamon, clove, and ginger sweetened by a touch of vanilla. Jingle bell wonderful!! (This scent will remind you of Mistletoe candle sold by Yankee. 

SLEIGH RIDE - The horse is hitch up and the sleight is ready to go! Time to smell the woody scents of mistletoe, berries, pine boughs and holly while dashy thru the snow a one horse open sleigh of course!