Javy Instant Protein Coffee - ORIGNINAL


Protein Meets Coffee - The combination of our premium whey protein and instant coffee is perfect for anyone trying to hit their health, fitness, and wellness goals.

100% Real Coffee - We sustainably source the finest 100% Arabica beans and use a unique method to make our instant coffee ultra-premium.

All Natural Ingredients - Our favorite drive-thru coffees were filled with loads of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and added junk. We wanted to make it super easy and convenient for you to make those same coffees, guilt-free and with benefits like protein. This means that we kept it simple with an easy to read label, natural ingredients, and no sugar!

Your Goals, Made Easy - Say goodbye to long coffee lines because we took the two most important ingredients in our day (coffee and protein) and created a super tasty one scoop protein coffee beverage.

Packed With Benefits - Protein and coffee is a powerful combination for losing weight, gaining muscle, and building endurance.